My name’s George Butter, a 14-year-old blogger from Saigon (If you were wondering where on Earth is Saigon, it was the fallen capital of South Vietnam, and the rest is history). I’m deeply interested in European history and American politics. I would describe myself as an independent-minded individual; pretty humble and quiet around strangers, whereas extremely boastful and bossy around friends. I have an optimistic outlook on life (my life is still beautiful up to this point – probably because I haven’t lived long enough). I’m an ambitious person. I take risks quite often for I see it as an indispensable factor to success.

     I’m a retrophile. I love old music (The Carpenters, Queen, The Beatles, Sonny & Cher, Carly Simon), old movies (Groundhog Day is my all time favorite), retro-style cars, especially them record players!


Those never fail to captivate me…

     Despite having retrophilia, I’m actually more liberalistic when it comes to political issues. Speaking of politics, it is something I feel passionate about and would like to dedicate my whole life to. I even plan to pick Poli-Sci as my major in college (which can then be used as a supplement to my future law profession). I’m a big fan of democracy and capitalism, which is actually the opposite to where I live: a socialist republic controlled by a communist party!

     I blog in my free time to kill boredom, brush up my English and writing skills. My blog doesn’t have an exact theme, I write about things that concern or interest me. I’m looking forward to getting to know and sharing my ideas with people across the globe.

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